Business Management


Business Management

Since April 2017, a new Temporary Employment Act (AÜG §8) has come into force. A number of companies have been affected by the new requirements, as the administration has become considerably more complicated and the legal situation has become unclear.

This law pursues the principle of equal treatment of temporary agency workers by equating them with the pay of a comparable employee of the client company (equal pay) after a regulated period of temporary employment. There is an exception when the industry supplement is applied. In this case, the wage is gradually increased up to a maximum of 90% of the reference wage of a comparable employee of the client company.

In order to save the temporary employment agencies additional time, the temporary employment management system offers, in addition to the monitoring and automatic calculation of Equal Pay and industry surcharge, all processes necessary for the smooth handling of daily business operations.


Everything at a glance

The dashboard provides an overview with currently important information. Diagrams and parameters can be individually selected, labelled and designed. Associated data is taken from the cloud database.

On the main page, there is an important "Messages" area. Here, all documents / papers / certificates / documents that have an expiry date are monitored by all employees and displayed 6 months before expiry with a yellow tone and 1 month before expiry with a red tone, so that the extension can be carried out in time.


Administration made simple

Our UX team designs the data records of the personnel administration simply and clearly, so filling out the data records is self-explanatory. There are four files to fill in:

Staff,  essential data of the employee
Details,  staff data, absences and documents
Healt Examinations, health specific data/examinations
Time sheet, worked hours including details


Pleasant customer management

The customer management lists all customers and suppliers. A distinction is made between active and inactive customers in order to set prioritisation in filter mode.


GoBD compliant 

Invoices must be GoBD-compliant. In order to concentrate on the essential tasks, the system takes care of the legal issues.

Large quantities of invoice records impair clarity, so it is possible to filter between paid, unpaid and cancelled invoices as required.

Health insurances

All that exists!

Our database contains a list of all health insurance funds existing in Germany with the corresponding details to avoid the manual entry of health insurance funds for each employee. This saves time and money! With regular updates, our employees always ensure that the database is up-to-date.

Health Examinations

Health is important to us!

All occupational health and safety relevant data of the employee is presented in the examinations. These are linked to the personnel file and automate the process. With a wide variety of filter settings, the system can be filtered specifically for the desired examinations.


Everything at a glance

Storing documents securely and viewing them clearly is important. Documents and associated employee records are managed and newly added files are automatically linked to the employee's data.


Always stay in control

Statistics are important for every company. Our team adapts your individual statistics wishes and presents them clearly in different view forms such as diagrams or tables.


Quick and easy configuration

The admin configures company details, users, professions, timesheets and print forms in the settings. The most important point here is the creation of users in the system, where you can assign user rights. Administrators have all rights and can change content and documents and adapt them to the company.

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Softlare Business Management


With individual diagrams and parameters we provide an overview of the current state of the company.


Clear employee management with filter options and system-integrated employee records.


Management of customers and suppliers with respect to the rules of Equal Pay and the industry surcharges.


Clear presentation of invoices with personalized design options for companies.

Health Insurances

Constantly maintained and updated database of all health insurance companies available in Germany.

Health Examinations

All health-related data of the employee is displayed and managed here.


Documents, certificates or similar are integrated in the database and can always be called up clearly.


Statistics play an essential role in the company and provide a clear overview.


Company details, users, professions and other forms can be edited internally in the settings.

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Frequently asked questions

The software was developed for companies in the temporary work industry. It allows you to manage your staff and the company's clients. This includes creating timesheets with the corresponding booking records, which can be easily transferred to Datev, among other things. In addition, you can create invoices automatically on the basis of the timesheets. The existing data and evaluations can be clearly displayed as diagrams.
We respond to customer-specific wishes and adapt the programme technically and visually according to needs and requirements.
We are a member of the iGZ (an association of German temporary employment agencies) and are in close contact. All legal requirements are enforced. Changes in the law or newly passed laws are automatically supplemented with an update and therefore do not require a new installation. Each update is announced before the programme starts.
The GoDB are the principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form. Our system is designed to automatically generate and issue GoBD-compliant invoices.
Customer requests and adaptations are processed, extended and supplemented by our team. This request is first analysed and, depending on the effort involved, a suitable cost estimate is drawn up. 
A payroll cannot be created directly. With the help of the timesheet, you prepare the employee's booking records in such a way that booking in Datev or other administration platforms is made much easier. 
Invoices can easily be generated and created automatically on the basis of employees' timesheets. This avoids duplicate or multiple work.
First, the contractually agreed conditions with the customers are configured and entered in the settings. In this way, the system completely takes over the monitoring and implementation of Equal Pay or the industry surcharge. In the case of a supplement, this is automatically provided with the appropriate booking in the timesheet of the respective employee, which, depending on the customer's wishes, can either be booked directly on the hourly wage or separately as industry supplement or Equal Pay.
On the main page, the dashboard indicates that the assignments are missing for the following clients and the respective occupations.
As the notice periods can vary depending on the tariff, we have three options in this regard. You activate the checkbox in the settings that you belong to the IGZ, then the notice periods are automatically calculated according to the IGZ specifications. The second possibility would be to activate the statutory notice periods, in which case they will be applied. The last option is to switch off this option and calculate the notice periods yourself.
Any bonuses paid that have to do with the wage type "wage" are taken into account in the wage increases for the FC / DC.
The working time account is available for each employee. If you keep this it will be calculated automatically. This is programmed according to how you want to use it. Either you define a monthly total hour for which the plus/minus hours are automatically booked to the time account or you have the option of entering the number of hours you want to bunker in the timesheet of the respective employee. The booked number is again automatically created and booked.
Here, a customer-specific rule can easily be set up which the customer requires and the desired calculation is then carried out automatically.
The expenses for work clothes can be recorded. Since every company approaches the deduction of work clothes differently, this section is set up customer-specifically as desired.
These can be booked individually with the option of printing the receipt. Permanent advances can also be created. At the end, the total amount is displayed if further advances are booked. Each booking can be viewed individually in the history.
In digital form this is possible without any problems.
Depending on the customer's requirements, this can be set.
This can be set according to customer requirements.
This is possible.
This is possible.
Our system works in German and English. If you wish to add another language, please contact the support ( or create a ticket.
An internet connection is required for updates, which are important for new developments and changes in the law. However, it is always possible to work on the system in offline mode. However, this must be explicitly requested and set up.
The amount of the fee or licence depends on how many modules and workstations are made available. The agreed amount is then due monthly. The minimum contract period is 24 months. Full details can be requested.
Data is backed up daily. Upon request, we will customise the data backup to your needs. In the event of data loss due to a natural event or human error, data from the previous day can be restored.
Encrypted data is secured with a data security system using current technologies. In the case of data in your own systems or hard drives, you must take care of this yourself. Database maintenance and support is provided by our staff. With the use of our cloud, we carry out all updates, security checks and support.
During the initial setup, companies can choose between two possible options. Either a company-owned server is provided or our cloud service is used. Our cloud system is located in Germany and meets the most important requirements such as availability, security and data protection.
After a contractual agreement, the software can be activated and added to your system on the same day. However, importing your company's old data records may take some time. As a rule, this takes a maximum of 2-3 working days.
Old data from databases, Access or Excel can be imported into the system's database by one of our employees upon request. Depending on the size and effort, this usually takes a few working days. This creates a seamless transition.
We offer a separate 24-hour service. You can request assistance at any time by telephone or e-mail. As a rule, we take care of the request directly and are also prepared to work at night or on public holidays.
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